If i’d be you

Everyday’d be spring

All fragrances and nectars

Endlessly i’d bring.

If i’d be you

There’d be love everywhere

Hugs kisses and caress's

My unparagoned gear.

If i’d be you

Sunshine’d be your jewel

Swathed in stardust

Per moonlight we’d dwell.

If i’d be you

With every breath of mine

My heart and soul is forever

Coalesced with thine.

— Jimmy.

Pic courtsey: Google.



The flurries on your hair

Reminds me

Of the time

We were sundered

I hope the same flurries

Will unite us one day

Till then

I ll see the seasons changing

And time will engulf the pain

As that’ll be our forever

To be unified again.


Pic courtsey: ctv…



I fly upon oceans

And rest upon trees

I bloom in your radiance

The beauty ever seen.

I walk thy grasslands

Within your cocoon i sleep

To wake up with your rays of hope

And in thy faith i creep.

I dance to your breezy tunes

Ever fragrant as it could ever be

Sweeped by the joy and love

Gracefully ever showered on me.

As steady as a mountain

Yet bowing towards thee

For you hold my roots

When i grow orpedly free.

With every breath of mine

Flows incessance gratitude

And will remain so

Till the end of time.

Oh Almighty! My creator

My universe divine

I come from you to be back to you

By every ounce of mine.




To the trees i clinged

To the rivers i got soaked

To the pastures i walked

To the hills i climbed

To the land i was born

To the air that kept me fragrant

To the water that satiated me

To the carefree days and nights

To All those moments

That were called life

Where A part of me still resides

One that is alive

I wish i could go back

To my belonging.






To the dream within you.

It’s there

In whatever

Puts stars in your eyes

And makes your heart sing.


To your feelings,

And you will hear

Who you are

And what you must do.


To your needs,

And you will know

Where to find

What you are looking for.


To the wisdom within.

It is trying to lead you

To your destiny.


To the song in you,

And your life

Will be one of harmony.

You will be

Who you were meant to be.

You will be complete

And at peace

And happier than you’ve ever been,

If only you will


To the dream within you.



Janki Shastri

A writer, a poet, a translator/interpreter , a maverick, sharing my heart out , my expression in words.