A pebble in a stream!

From mighty to minion , my journey evades,

Golden sunshine sometimes fuzzy muddy viels.

Every raindrop creating a magical music,

Playfull , placid at times quixotic.

A journey of miles my mind illustrates,

A pebble in a stream paints a thosand shades!

Subsumed in sand sometimes drifted on shore,

With every splash i swung , felling petty or sore.

Uplifted many a times and equally thrown back,

A grim smile falling to my space with a thwack.

Casting a thousand ripples at the rate of knots,

A pebble in a stream dreams being a lucky mascot.

Days to years i’ve seen seasons changing,

Summer winter moon and even spring,

Every change polished me , hewing into something i was never

For better or worse is a thought forever.

Glittering a rainbow hue on a shimmery shore,

A pebble in a stream enlightened , finds its lenore.


Pic courtsey: Tom Robbins- pbase.com/Google.

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Janki Shastri

A writer, a poet, a translator/interpreter , a maverick, sharing my heart out , my expression in words.