If you hate a person , then you are defeated by them- Confucius.

Hey there. A few minutes back i read this quote. It just hit the chord. Was this a sign or a message conveyed? Perhaps, yes!

So much are we engrossed in judging each other. We jump to conclusions. We set our minds controlled by a single instance or instant perception and reach to a verdict which has a permanent coating of likes or dislikes, Love or hatred. Irritated, frustrated, be it anything ; we fail to understand the right emotion. Anger is only the obvious feeling which we clearly understand amongst the chaos of feelings in such situations and the finale product or result is “ I hate …….”.

Do we ever think what do we gain in hating someone? This is a toxic effect you create within you as opposed to the person you hate. This emotion of hatred is so mighty that it consumes you and only you. Its lethiferous.Furthermore, you loose your power and empower the one you hate. Your energy, focus, concentration is at toss in totality as your mind revolves in unnecessary thoughts that are parasites damaging you subtly. You invite your thoughts to giving them idea to give attention to unworthy. Thusly, they become successful in distracting you from things that are worth of your actual and unimpeachable contemplation.Hatred cages you, restricts you. You’ll be imprisonned in your own shell gradually destroying your creative response towards life. Such a heavy burden to bear! A self punishment!

If a being has wronged you or is not worthy of your time or attention just let them be and let it go. This is the best way to maintain your self esteem and peace of mind. Probably; A right way to avoid negativity or toxicity. Save and Nurture yourself instead you of ruining yourself , and help yourself making rational acumen.Moreover , its their karma, let them deal with it. For sooner or later, Your goodness will triumph. Love surely has a redemptive power, truly a power that can transform evil to good. There may be a transitional phase where you are misunderstood , misjudged or hated … keep your spirits high and positive. By the power of your goodness , the evil or hatred will break down.

Love creates ; builds up. Hatred tears apart, rips off, destroys.

For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time: hatred ceases by love. This is an unalterable law-Gautam Buddha

Do not end up defeated by hatreds , instead emerge victorious through your kindness, compassion and ability to love. Let the lamp of your goodness and kindness outshine to eradicate the darkness of evil or hatred.

Love and peace


Image source: yourtango/Google.



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Janki Shastri

A writer, a poet, a translator/interpreter , a maverick, sharing my heart out , my expression in words.