My Anti-Bucket List📃

Janki Shastri
2 min readAug 19, 2020


Most of times in life , we concentrate on our to-do’s. Our so called bucket list. Do we ever pay heed to the other side of coin? Perhaps; something equally important.The things we need to ignore or omit , rather get rid of from our life and our self. Yes! Our Anti-Bucket list.

What could that be?

The unwanted traits, habits, dogmas, values, stings, mindsets… etc . The ideology we personify but not necessarily required. It could be anything. The whole bunch of trash in us which pulls us down. Keeps us hooked or hanged up so heavily and weighs us down. It may differ individually but it surely matters to everyone. I am sure you all agree. If not, a point to ponder.

Steve Jobs quotes “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do”.

The whole life we keep planning on what next? We always have set goals to do for specific time , age etc where in mostly we undermine setting boundaries for ourselves, which in a way is restrictive for us , our growth , our life. We hardly reckon upon stuff never ever to be done.

You bucket list may encompass all your dreams , wishes, desires or goals you want to pursue over your designated time frame. In contrast, your anti-bucket list encircles the things that you must never try to do for it is most hazardous to your happiness or self content. Well! May be not conspicuous but it could be prime source of all catastrophes in our life.Think about it.

Hence, lets have a parallel focus on such things too. No matter big or small. It could be as small as driving lawfully or as big as giving up on your addiction. Just anything that hinders your shine or blurring your inner self , your actual self. It is imperative to place a periphery around your actions and adjust them according to your anti bucket list to not fall into any trap.A shield towards your self protection or a projection towards your better self.

Curate your own anti bucket list and stay put to not trying those things ever in life. Get virtuosic from the anti-bucket list that you, yourself have created and glisten🌟

So, here i go to make my Anti-bucket list and work on my self… will you?



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