The convo of a Moon and a Pole Star!

Janki Shastri
2 min readApr 26, 2020

The sky azure, blue on blue;

Gentle strokes one on one,

In ever deepening shades of night.

A crescent appears illuminated and growing

The first quarter moon radiating silvery hopes.

Along the pathway meets the pole star,

Who sealed steadiness with young kind glow.

Says the moon beckoning the pole star,

A celestial beauty am i yet my grandeur ephemeral,

But you my precious dear lil one;

Always still, at task and ever shimmering.

Our endless games of hide and seek, at times you vex,

Your charm beguils in this wonderous realm.

I am loved yet my duende is evanescent,

So do not get disheartened at my absences.

Replied the pole star to the moon;

Oh my compadre; ever beaming i hang so bright,

Singing songs of my birth, a chaotic night.

We both share this cosmic plane, near yet far always,

A sign of omen , our positions. many times blamed for fate.

Amidst this conjuction. , a bond only till the wink of the dawn,

Is quite an accolade , though its worth often unknown.

Lets watch over one another , in this dazzling adventure,

Reposing in warmth of companionship.

Staying ever soothed;

Till an impenetrable umbra seems to fill our every inch in!


Pic courtsey: This was clicked by me today, 26th April 2020 from my balcony.



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